What’s In My Bag

You know how some people like to look around peoples homes? Well, I like to look in peoples bags. Sound weird? Well it’s not as weird as you may think. 

There are hundreds of fashion bloggers and celebrities sharing the contents of their bags with us and let’s just say they are sooooo very different to what I have in mine. 
Oh my, they are beautiful. The bags are made from top quality fabrics, with perfect design and colors to die for and wait until you see what’s inside. Let’s take a look at what Julie Sarinana’s, from Sincerely Jules, has in her bag.

On a side note, I have a love-hate relationship with this blog. It kind of goes like this. Read blog. Love girl. Hate self. Ha!

Sincerely Jules_WIMB

Just look at those sunglasses, not a scratch on them and those headphones…just think how many hours of peace she gets wearing those every day whilst looking pretty damn cool.

A beautiful Louis Vuitton purse in perfect condition. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to give her already perfect locks a little beachy wave. Fuzzy bed-head hair looks the same though…right?

Not one, but two lipsticks. TWO LIPSTICKS! I’m guessing one for the daytime whilst hopping from one meeting to the next and one for the evening whilst hitting the hottest bars in town. Me? I keep it simple. One color all day, every day. It call it the natural lip, nothing added and nothing to have to remove later in the day. Ok I’m fibbing, now and again I’ll add some lip gloss, but only if I’m feeling crazy.

Now I guess it’s only fair to share with you what’s inside my bag.

Receipts which have been quickly stuffed into my bag so I can leave the store promptly while I still have two happy children.

My essential oils = my sanity. Tissues…yep you saw it, some old and some new. A Mulberry purse. Now this actually gives me top points style wise. Shame it’s covered in spilled milk and some kind of sticky stuff. Note to self, give that god damn purse a wipe down girl. Just spotted the loose raisins, think they may be where the sticky residue is coming from.

Business cards, why of course, you never know who you are going to meet. A couple of band aids – super mum right here. A nail file and lip gloss, just for laughs. Oh and of course, a princess, a tiger, a bus and one sock, yep just the one…don’t ask as I have no idea why.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a chic, clean bag with exactly what I need and nothing else. However, my bag full of ‘stuff’ is a great reminder of the full life I have. A life so full of love. Full of laughter. Full of children. Full of emotions. Full of mess and chaos. Full of dietary restrictions. Full of friends. Full of play. Full of learning. Full of reflection. Full of owies. Full of happiness. Full. Full. Full. Full to the brim with contentment.


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