There is no denying I LOVE essential oils. I also love sharing the benefits of these incredible gifts.

Don’t miss out on the essential oils buzz which is happening right now. Everyone is talking about the powerful benefits they are experiencing from essential oils, which makes me so excited. I’d love to share with you. Why not host a class and learn all there is to know AND get $30 worth of essential oils for FREE?!

The Benefits of Hosting…

It’s so Easy!
All you need is choose a space and send out the invites! Most people host in their home but if you choose not to you can host at a coffee shop, your gym, local spa, the church community center or maybe a bar.

There is always the option of hosting a virtual class which gets you all the perks of a home party.

Learn about Essential Oils
What are Essential Oils?
0 How do you use them and essential oil safety?
Health and wellness benefits
How to incorporate them into your daily life
Smell and try any oils you’d like

Share Oils
Hosting parties are a great way to introduce your friends and family to essential oils!

Convenient Times
We can schedule your class in the morning, afternoon, or evening.  Whatever works best for you.

Discount Ordering and $30 of FREE Essential Oils for Hosting!*
Enjoy wholesale prices on your entire order as the host, plus get $30 of FREE essential oils. You choose what you would like. Oils, diffuser, hair care, skin care…your choice!

Interested? Simply email me at laura@alittlecalm.com with your location, preferred date, mention the code CLASS30 and we can go from there. Exciting!

*to qualify for the host rewards, your class must have 6 or more attendees.


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