Children’s Gifts That Give Back: My Top Three

Every year I struggle with buying gifts for my children. They have enough. Well, they actually have more than enough and I’m not just talking toys and electronics. I’m talking about love, health, a safe home.

That doesn’t mean I won’t buy them gifts for Christmas, I am simply trying to put more thought into them. Yesterday, I attended a gift giving event and got so many great ideas. My favorite being the ones that give back so I wanted to share them. A huge thank you to the two ladies who originally put in all the hard work researching these great ideas. I am simply sharing.

As a family we gift ‘something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read’ at Christmas time. A great guide to help you stay on track and not go overboard…or turn into a crazy person! Below are the gifts I will give my children covering ‘something you want, something to read and something to wear’. Yay!


11379840_1666535230297138_249684005_nI am obsessed with the idea of ‘crafting with a purpose’. 

This incredible company deliver monthly boxes of organized and hip DIY craft supplies to youngsters. Memories are made, creativity is cultivated, and love is spread.

Included in each box is a shipping label to “craft it forward” because once the craft is enjoyed, it’s passed on to a children’s hospital or senior center to be enjoyed all over again. Love, love, love!
$19-24 / month + shipping

Crafting it forward





Littlest Warrior Apparel is spreading awareness and inclusion one rad t-shirt at a time.  10% of all sales go to a family in need or to a foundation. The incredible mom behind Littlest Warrior has a son with Down Syndrome and he is the inspiration behind this company.
Shirts $22-$25




Author Mark Brown, created Zen Pig books to teache children about gratitude, compassion, and presence in easy to understand language paired with beautiful, minimalist art.

On top of that, for every copy of Zen Pig sold, enough proceeds are given to provide 10 people in Africa clean water for 1 year. How amazing is that!
Books $7.95

Zen Pig




Please check these guys out and show them your love on social media. Do you have any other great ideas for gifts that give back?

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