Finding The Words

Finding the Words Im

I know a boy as sweet as can be,
So quiet, yet so wise and yet, only three.

The face of an angel, a heart so gentle, so true.
His words he has not yet found and I forever wonder what I can do. 

More therapy, attention? This kid’s had it all!
We need to take a step back and remember he’s only so small. 

Everyday we sit and wait to see what he will say,
Everyday he makes me proud and for that I do pray.

His sister, much younger is florid in words,
He watches her with wonder and she throws words in herds.

His words are expressed through emotion and affection,
My goodness this boy loves physical connection.

He’s happy, he’s loving, such a gentle soul,
And that, for all my children is my only goal. 

We’ll continue to work every day to tease out those words,
I know they are in there, of that I am assured.

Information and diagnoses are coming out of my ears,
I‘ve read far too much, it doesn’t help with the tears.

It’s sensory, autism, just personality and delays,
My son has been labelled in so many different ways.

He does sometimes struggle, I admit I do too,
But he gives me all the strength I need to get through.

So if you also have a toddler as quiet as a mouse,
Let’s remember those ‘good old days’ when they are screaming down the house!

We’ll get there, I know it, even if it takes a while,
My sweet boy is just taking his sweet time finding his style. 

So now that it’s out here for all the world to see,
Let’s give him time and just let him be.

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