Connecting Through Fragrance

Connecting Through Fragrance

It’s Spring which means sunshine, tulips, long walks, gardening and the start of the Spring homebuyers market!

As a seller, you have followed all the right advice. Your home looks great, the price is right, you’ve found the best realtor in town and you are ready to show off your home.

Studies show that the first thing people notice when they walk into a home is the smell, and a buyers impression of a home is made within the first 30 seconds.

People process information with all of their senses, whether they realize it or not. If you’re looking for an advantage, use the buyers senses to your advantage and stimulate their sense of smell. Ensure your home smells right. Not just ‘good’ but ‘right’.

How many of us have smiled to ourselves after smelling cookies when viewing a home. It’s so darn obvious. So try something more subtle like essential oils.  One of the simplest ways to lightly scent any room with essential oils would be using a diffuser. Diffusing essential oils disperses the essential oils in a micro-fine vapor, suspending the essential oil molecules in the air.

Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the Washington State University College of Business published research in the Journal of Retailing establishing that the right aroma will influence consumers to buy. In his studies, Spangenberg actually used an Orange oil in a retail store and found consumers spent 20% more with that scent wafting through the store while they were shopping. Hey, if it works in retail it can be of course carrier over to selling a home too.

He also states complex scents, such as the renowned chocolate chip cookie were actually too “distracting” for those viewing a house.

“When you’re in the real estate business, you want someone to walk in and want to stay in the house, so you want the scent not to be overbearing, but familiar. You want it to encourage revisiting, because sometimes it takes several visits to decide to buy,” Eric reported.

Based on this, I recommend the following essential oils for diffusing in your home.

Lemon will freshen and purify the air. It is very subtle, uplifting and energizing and has been shown to improve mood and cognitive ability.

Peppermint would be another great option with its clean, crisp, fresh scent. Clearing airways while improving focus and sharpening the mind.

doTERRA offer a blend called Purify which does just that, purify and freshen the air. This blend includes Lemon, Lime, and Pine essential oils, known for their powerful cleaning properties, along with Siberian and Austrian Firs to purify the air and protect against environmental threats. The addition of Citronella, Melaleuca, and Cilantro give this blend an enticing aroma that’s unmatched in purification properties.

For more of a serene and calming effect, Lavender or Serenity would be my top choices. The scent of these oils can be a little more powerful and not to everyones liking, so ensure to use only a drop or two.

doTERRA have some incredible diffusers, two of my favorites are the Petal Diffuser which can diffuse oils for up to 4 hours and has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light. My second choice would be the Aroma Lite which can be set to diffuse for up to 8 hours and has an optional soft light. Both look great and are super effective.

The Home Essentials Kit actually comes with the Petal diffuser so this would be a great starting point if you are new to oils. This is the most frugal way to get started with doTERRA essential oils and this kit includes Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender along with 7 others oils and blends! I also love the Family Physicians Kit.

Be sure to try your chosen oils. You would not want the scent to be too heavy or overpowering. Figure out ahead of time how many drops you need and where to place your diffusers. Have a friend come over and “walk through” your house with your scents in place for an honest opinion.

I love diffusing oils throughout my home, this is not just something to do when selling your home. Continue to use your diffuser and oils after you sell your home and when you move into your new one!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of essential oils, please email I’d love to talk!

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For more information on the study referenced above, go here.

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